Tigerscapes performs a reliable OPM nest removal service for landowners in Guildford, Haslemere and throughout the afflicted areas of South West London. Recognisable by their white appearance and sharp hairs, the caterpillars which become oak processionary moths pose a danger to plants, pets and the public alike. Clearing their nests is important for the safety of the local environment, so we arrive fully equipped and with a professional approach.


Oak processionary moths have established a home within the South West London, Surrey and parts of West Sussex. Although swift action is being taken to contain this threat, OPMs still pose a risk to oak trees – which they can strip bare and leave vulnerable to subsequent disease and decay.


By contacting the tree surgeons at Tigerscapes, you can expect to receive the following benefits:


• A highly trained and certified arboricultural team

• The efficient use of eco-friendly sprays and vacuums

• Fully insured tree surgeons with a history of success

• The ability to spot the tell-tale signs of an OPM outbreak

• Professional advice for authorities and landowners

• The removal of nests, hairs and existing caterpillars

• A pest-free environment for your complete peace of mind


Tigerscapes welcomes calls from customers in Guildford, Haslemere and the surrounding regions. We also travel beyond Surrey, London and West Sussex for large-scale projects.

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Oak procession moths themselves are not the problem. Their caterpillars, however, endanger curious pets, children, livestock and those who work within the vicinity of oak trees. Exposure levels typically peak between May and July, but hazardous nests can remain in place for longer.


What are the dangers of OPM?


Caterpillars thrive on oak trees and can also survive with access to birch, hornbeam, beech and sweet chestnut trees. These caterpillars shed their hairs if disturbed, but a greater threat comes in the form of their silk-type nests. Nests often contain large quantities of shed hair, which cause irritation and more upon contact.


Humans who touch the hairs can form an allergic reaction, resulting in skin irritation and respiratory issues. OPM caterpillars also pose a major risk to pets, who may approach the caterpillars out of curiosity.


How we deal with OPM infestations


Oak processionary moth nests and caterpillars should only be approached by a trained professional. Our specialists arrive with the tools necessary to undertake OPM nest removal as quickly as possible and come fully equipped with protective clothing (PPE). In accordance with the plan laid out by the Forestry Commission, effected zones are treated with eco-friendly pesticides. We remove the nests throughout the month of August, working to minimise outbreaks wherever possible.


Please get in touch with our tree surgeons for OPM nest removal in Guildford, Haslemere, Surrey, West Sussex and South West London. We provide a risk-free service for the safety of your environment.

For OPM nest removal from a fully equipped team of tree surgeons, please call Tigerscapes on 07740 487055. We operate in Haslemere, Guildford, West Sussex, South West London and throughout Surrey.

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opm nest removal 1
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